Friday, May 8, 2009

May 2009 Artist of the Month

Artist of the Month, May 2009
Jill Carnell of Starstruck Cat Design

Starstruck Cat Design, LLC was established in November 2007 by Jill Carnell. From an early age, she was encouraged to explore music, needlecrafts, cooking, entertaining, and to always be open to trying new things.
For as long as she can remember, Jill has had candles burning in her home. She enjoyed the light, scent, and color candles provided. In late 2005, she started reading about soy wax candles and realized that paraffin wax candles are made with a derivative of crude oil, which explains a lot of the black soot associated with petroleum-based candles. At the time, a majority of the commercially-available candles were made from paraffin, which frustrated Jill in her quest to only burn soy wax candles in her home.
The consummate do-it-yourselfer, she decided she’d just make her own. In May 2006, Jill and a friend took a continuing studies class from IUPUI and learned to pour soy wax candles. She enjoyed experimenting with color and scent so much, she started making candles and soy wax tarts for friends. Some of those friends started asking to purchase additional candles, and Starstruck Cat Design was born.
In addition to handpouring soy wax candles, Jill is an avid traditional rug hooker and enjoys knitting, punch needle, needle felting, proddy, wool appliqué, basket weaving, and hand mixing potpourri. She is also the proud owner of an antique circular sock machine, which is still, unfortunately, resting comfortably in a box.
Starstruck Cat Design candles are currently available at the Atlanta Mercantile and through Starstruck Cat Design (
When she’s not playing with wool, wax, or reed, Jill works for the City of Indianapolis and lives with her "fellas" (husband Mark and son Patrick) and five cats (Sophie, Gabby, Marvin, George, and Edna, all rescues). She hopes to one day focus full-time on Starstruck Cat Design. She also maintains a blog at